An installment loan in – Now as a source of financing.

For many of us, even small expenses for current needs are an insurmountable obstacle. Low salaries, high costs of family maintenance, sometimes sudden and devastating not only our health, but also home budget disease cause that not everyone has enough money for the proverbial “first”. How to solve this type of situation? Is there a good and above all safe exit? More and more Poles, for example with shopping in mind, are reaching for installment loans. One of the companies offering this service is Monocred Now.

How many times has the urgent need to buy a new washing machine, fridge or computer fall on us? What if our wallet is empty and we cannot function without the equipment mentioned above? Non-bank institutions come to the rescue, which provide quick assistance without unnecessary formalities.

A handful of information about Monocred Now

A handful of information about Monedo Now

This is one of the newest and thriving brands of the CredICT company based in Hamburg. How do you know this name?  Compared to them, Monocred Now focuses mainly on installment loans. Thanks to this, its offer is a great alternative to credit products proposed by banks. At the same time, Monocred Now customers can count on considerable flexibility in choosing the terms of their loan. This institution, in fact, cares about the quality of service for borrowers, and also adjusts the provisions of the contract to their needs and expectations.

Online installment loan in Monocred Now

Online installment loan in Monedo Now

The company strongly focuses on the most automated procedure for applying for a loan. To this end, it uses the latest technological inventions. Nearly 3 million customers have already benefited from its quick service and availability. Monocred Now operates in many European countries and more. Among the borrowers, as the company admits, there were residents of as many as 47 countries in the world. Several hundred employees watch over the whole. The institution focuses primarily on six large markets. It thrives in Russia, Mexico, Spain, the Czech Republic, India and Poland.

Installment loans in Monocred right away?

Installment loans in Monedo right away?

Monocred Now boasts instant action. The online installment loan offered by the company is one of the best products of this type on the financial market. Customers can apply for help in the amount from 1500 to even 10,000 $! Monocred Now assures that it does not include hidden fees in the contracts. There are also no additional conditions about which the borrower will not be informed. People who have any questions about the offer can be helped by company consultants. 

Monocred installment loan – who can apply?

Monedo installment loan - who can apply?

Requirements for people who want to apply for a loan are not excessive.

To apply, you must be at least 18 years old, have Polish citizenship, a valid ID card and open bank account. You will also need a device – tablet, computer or telephone – so that the potential borrower will be able to apply for financial support from Monocred Now.

Online installment loan – on what terms?

Online installment loan - on what terms?

The minimum loan period is 6 months, the maximum period is 24 months. From time to time, the company also launches a low installment loan offer of several hundred zlotys. Then the repayment deadline is generally shortened to a maximum of 3 months. When applying for support, with the help of sliders available on the Monocred Now home page, you can choose the amount and amount of the monthly installment. The system will generate other information, including the date of repayment.

Online installment loan in Monocred and debtors’ registers

Online installment loan in Monedo and debtors

The institution does not hide that, out of concern for the safety of customers and its own, it checks potential borrowers in various bases. These include, for example, the registers of the Credit Information Bureau, the National Debt Register or the Economic Information Bureau. He approaches each client individually. This means that applicants with a poor credit history will not be disqualified from the machine. What counts is the creditworthiness, i.e. the possibility of paying the receivables on time.

Online loans – where to start?

The whole procedure is done electronically. An online installment loan in Monocred Now has a minimum of bureaucracy. Application is a simple and transparent process. The next step will be moving to completing the application. You will need basic personal data, such as your PESEL number, or ID card number and series. We will also be asked to provide your e-mail address, mobile number and bank account number. It will be necessary to create a login for the customer’s special account.

Do you need 10,000 $? Complete the application in Monocred Now!

Waiting for decisions

An online installment loan has never been easier. After completing the application form, we can do nothing more than wait for its approval. It usually only takes a few minutes. Along with the information we will receive a preliminary offer, which the company will prepare for us taking into account the reported needs. At this time, the online loan installment in Monocred Now will become almost certain. If we accept the presented conditions, all we need is our signature and sending back the documents.

Installment loans in Monocred for shopping

Installment loans in Monedo for shopping

If all data is confirmed, the funds will be deposited into the bank account whose number the borrower provided in the application. How much time do you have to wait for the transfer? Monocred Now ensures that only a few, maybe several minutes. In some cases, however, this time may extend the need for additional data checks. Importantly, the company does not make its decision dependent on the purpose for which the money will be allocated. The applicant does not even have to explain what he will buy for these funds. For many customers, installment loans in Monocred are a good source for financing current needs, including purchases. Thanks to this, you do not lose financial liquidity and regularly paid installments do not damage our personal budget.

Total cost of loans via the Internet

Total cost of loans via the Internet

Monocred Now gives a representative example on his website. It looks as follows: loan amount – $ 3580, interest – $ 678, commission – $ 2614, in total – $ 6873. Interest rate – 6.3%, average Actual Annual Interest Rate – 108%, loan period – 23 months.

Combining loans

Combining loans

Many customers who are interested in another installment loan online are wondering if it is possible to have two liabilities at Monocred Now. The company acknowledges that the solution at stake is to extend the current loan and choose a new amount. Of course, a lot depends on the status of your current commitment. This option is in fact reserved for customers who are not in arrears with payments.

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