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60-day loan

60-day loan

Money is needed to be able to afford pleasure. That’s why most of us work. However, this does not give us a guarantee of success, because from day to day a crisis may come and deprive us of funds even for everyday expenses. In such situations, non-bank financial institutions that provide express financial support on favorable terms come to the rescue. One such product is a 60-day loan over the internet.

It is an alternative for people who do not want to take on long-term commitments and know that 30 days is not enough for them to collect the money needed for a refund. In addition, thanks to it we can remain anonymous to some extent. We mean, among other things, the fact that we do not have to ask for money from relatives and tell them about their sudden problems, and lenders with such forms of obligations usually do not require certificates of workplace from their clients. This means that we can keep the commitment message to ourselves and thus avoid embarrassing questions.

60-day loan – conditions for granting

60-day loan - conditions for granting

The rules that apply when applying for a 60-day loan do not differ significantly from those that can be met with a standard payday loan. The only difference is the repayment form and its due date. This issue will be discussed later in the article. Now let’s focus on the conditions that lenders set for consumers. To obtain a positive decision on an online loan, you must have the required age. Depending on the company you choose, it can be at least 18, 20 or even 25 years in extreme cases. There is also an upper age limit, so be sure to read this information before submitting your application. The next condition is that you have an ID card that will be used to verify your identity as well as to draw up a contract.

One of the conditions necessary to meet is also Polish citizenship and permanent address of residence in Poland. In addition, providing a valid phone number and email address will be necessary for the smooth running of the application procedure. If we do not have an active bank account, we must immediately create one, because usually loans are carried out by bank transfer. It will also be useful to us when verifying the identity that we can do by carrying out a regular transfer or a special application such as Instantor or Kontomatik.

You can read more about this in the articles WHAT IS AN INSTANTOR AND HOW DOES IT WORK? and WHAT IS KONTOMATIK?

Depending on the company, a positive credit history may also be required. That is why it is worth checking whether we do not have negative entries in the registers of the Credit Information Bureau or the Economic Information Bureau. What else do we need to pay attention to? An important element are the requirements for our earnings. Some companies point out that you need a stable source of income. This means that the borrower is required to be employed under an employment contract or retirement or disability pension. However, most often the lender will also accept other forms of employment: mandate contract, contract for specific work, own business, agricultural activity. All information on this subject can be found on the loan company’s website in the loan terms, questions and answers section or in the regulations.

Free loan for 60 days

Free loan for 60 days

The promotion of the first free loan is almost standard for payday loans. This is the rebate that the lender gives us for the repayment costs when we submit the application for the first time. To make sure that the offer of our company applies, you should check the APRC value for the given amount and repayment parameters. If the promotion is active, the APRC will be 0%. In this situation, we give back exactly the amount we borrowed and we don’t have to worry about commission, interest or other fees. It is worth noting that the maximum loan amount for new customers is usually lower than that for people applying for financial support once again. The same relationship applies to a free loan. Short-term payday for 60 days is a non-standard offer, which is why we will not always be able to take advantage of the promotion by choosing such a repayment period.

Online loan for 60 days – how to apply?

Online loan for 60 days - how to apply?

Currently, most loan companies provide applications on their websites, so the first step to obtaining a 60-day loan will be switching to the service of the selected lender. What’s next?

  1. We use the sliders in the virtual calculator to specify the amount and the repayment date that interests us. Below we will get information on the cost of the loan. If they are suitable for us, please click the ‘Submit’ button.
  2. After clicking we will be redirected to the subpage where the appropriate form is located. At this point, we will need personal, contact, address and information from an ID card, which must be completed in the appropriate fields in the application. In the event that the lender requires income data, there may be additional fields on the amount of earnings and expenses.
  3. After completing all fields, check that the data entered by us is correct. If so, we send the application to the lender.
  4. The next step will be to verify the data by a traditional transfer of USD 0.01, USD 1, using the BlueCash express transfer system or by using the special Instantor or Kontomatik application. The last two solutions guarantee us a quick transition through the application process and receive a decision even in a few minutes.
  5. Everything is ready? Now it’s time for the lender to move. After verifying our data in the registers, we will be informed about the decision, and then if it is positive, the requested money will appear in our account.

It is worth noting that in the case of loans without BIK, the lender does not take into account the result of the verification, and makes decisions based on our income and other information provided by us.

You can find more information about applications in specific companies in our Loan Test series. 60 days loan in Gawon? We checked!

Payday loan for 60 days – how to pay back?

Payday loan for 60 days - how to pay back?

An online loan for 60 days can have two different forms of repayment. One of them is a one-time payment characteristic of payday loans. This means that after the time specified in the contract has elapsed, we pay the entire amount due to the lender’s account. Another solution is to repay the liability in two monthly installments.

Non-bank loans for 60 days – consequences of late repayment

Non-bank loans for 60 days - consequences of late repayment

In the event of late repayment, the application procedure will be launched. One of the consequences will be to start charging interest for late payment. We may also be required to pay additional fees related to reminders sent by the lender that the loan must be repaid. Detailed information on the consequences of failing to meet the deadline is provided in the regulations, the framework agreement or the question and answer section.

Also check the information on fees for reminders in the article: MONITOR – WHAT IS SUCH AND WHAT COSTS DEBTOR?

However, in the event of repayment problems, it is worth contacting the loan company and trying to find a solution together. One of them may be refinancing a loan, i.e. receiving another loan in the amount of the repayment default. It may also happen that the lender offers the option of extending the term. Usually it will be between 7 and 30 days. However, remember that this is a paid service.

60 day quick loan – offers

60 day quick loan - offers

One of the companies offering loans for 60 days is Gawon . The maximum amount of the liability is USD 1,500, while the minimum is USD 50. The costs we incur are a commission of just USD 10. The offer is available to persons over 18 years old. The loan is repaid by a transfer from the borrower’s account, and the decision will be known after a few minutes. 


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